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About APPIC / Postdoctoral


Postdoctoral Psychology Training

As part of its multiple efforts to better organize and improve postdoctoral training, APPIC is pleased to offer the following resources for applicants and training programs.

Postdoctoral Training Summit - Postdoctoral training, although a critical component in the sequence of psychology training, has evolved in the absence of any organizing body dedicated solely to postdoctoral training issues. Given the growth of postdoctoral training in the US, APPIC, with the support of APA’s Education Directorate, hosted a Postdoctoral Psychology on May 28th and 29th, 2016. The summit brought together major stakeholders to develop roadmaps that address the crucial issues in postdoctoral training for programs, trainees, and the public.

APPIC strongly encourages all Postdoctoral Programs and Applicants to adhere to the APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Guidelines for the 2016/2017 selection process.

With the support of the Postdoctoral Training Summit attendees, the APPIC Postdoctoral Workgroup has spearheaded the development of a Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory (UPPD). The UPPD is a free service available to all postdoctoral training programs including non-APPIC member programs.

For postdoctoral training directors, to create a new account and enter your program in the UPPD:

  1. Click on the following link to create an account. http://www.appic.org/register?UPPD=1

  2. Watch your inbox for an email indicating that your registration has been approved.

  3. After you are approved, log into the directory http://www.appic.org/About-APPIC/Universal-Psychology-Postdoctoral-Directory. You will automatically be redirected to the directory page where a large blue button will allow you to add or manage listings.

For postdoctoral training directors who already have an account and program listing in the UPPD:

  1. Click on the following link to log in http://www.appic.org/Login

  2. Your email is your username.

  3. If you forgot your password, you can request to have it reset.

Postdoctoral Post-Notification Date Unfilled Position Portal - Last year, APPIC developed a portal for postdoctoral programs to post positions that were unfilled following the APPIC Suggested Notification Date. Although the portal is still active, the new UPPD will serve this function as it will already have the majority of program listed. Following the APPIC Suggested Notification Date (2/27/17), postdoctoral program directors can edit their listing(s) in the UPPD and indicate the number of unfilled positions. Applicants who have not secured a postdoctoral position following the APPIC Suggested Notification Date, can then search the directory by all existing search fields including open or unfilled positions.

The APPA CAS (APPIC Psychology Postdoctoral Application) is highly flexible to meet the needs of a wide range of postdoctoral programs requiring basic demographic, internship and postdoctoral programs information, and letters of recommendation while allowing multiple uploads to be defined by individual programs. APPIC believes the APPA CAS provides a significant contribution to postdoctoral training providing a more unified and user-friendly application process for applicants and programs. APPA CAS provides a more coordinated review of applicant information and reduced costs and time for applicants.

Note: APPA CAS is not linked to your UPPD (Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory) listing. Programs wanting to use APPA CAS to receive applications must register with our vendor and configure a program portal. Click on the APPA CAS link above for details.

We have developed a series of Postdoc Video Presentations to educate applicants and postdoctoral programs about the postdoctoral application process.   

The Postdoctoral Workgroup will holding a series of Q and A Webinars for postdoctoral applicants and training directors on the postdoctoral selection process.

Webinar FAQs for postdoctoral APPLICANTS (click to download)
Webinar FAQs for postdoctoral TRAINING DIRECTORS (click to download)

We have developed a series of FAQs regarding postdoctoral selection to educate applicants and postdoctoral programs about the postdoctoral application process. (The link will be live by 10/16/16).

APPIC has completed multiple surveys of postdoctoral programs through the years. Please see this link to review a summary of the findings from prior years.

APPIC Member postdoctoral programs are required to provide an organized sequence of training experiences that meet or exceeds membership criteria for APPIC. Training materials should accurately reflect the training experiences at that site. Members are reviewed by the APPIC Postdoctoral Membership Committee every 3 years to ensure that programs continue to meet APPIC standards. Please see the Joining APPIC webpage for specific postdoctoral membership criteria.


Postdoctoral Listserv and position posting(UPPD) FAQs:

Q: Where can I post questions and discussion topics related to postdoctoral training?
Q: Where can I post postdoctoral training positions?
A: The Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory (NEW) http://www.appic.org/About-APPIC/Universal-Psychology-Postdoctoral-Directory
Q: Where can I post vacancies for jobs (that are not postdoctoral training positions)?
A: The JOBS-NETWORK listserv (NEW)
Q: How will I learn about late breaking training program news?
A: The POSTDOC-NEWS listserv (NEW)
Q: Can I post postdoctoral training positions on any APPIC listserv?
A: No, these posts will be declined people submitting them will be encouraged to list their position in the Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory
Q: Who do I contact with questions about these, and other, APPIC listservs?
A: Dr. Cecilia Sun, APPIC Listserv Manager, ListManager@appic.org or Dr. Wayne Siegel, Postdoc Workgroup, Chair wayne.siegel@va.gov

Other Postdoctoral Training Links of Interest

American Board of Professional Psychology - ABPP

Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology

Child Clinical Psychology - APA Division 53

Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP)


Forensic Psychology - APA Division 41

Neuropsychology - APPCN

Neuropsychology - NAN

Neuropsychology - APA Division 40 Directory of Training Programs

The Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology

Health Psychology - APA Division 38

Pediatric Psychology

Rehabilitation Psychology

School Psychology

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