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About APPIC / APPIC Mission Statement

APPIC Mission Statement

APPIC Mission Statement

The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) is committed to enhancing internship and postdoctoral training in professional psychology.

To accomplish this mission, APPIC:

  1. Develops minimum standards for quality internship and post-doctoral training programs.
  2. Facilitates the development of new internship and postdoctoral programs.
  3. Develops selection policies and procedures to facilitate a fair and orderly process of matching applicants with internship programs.
  4. Publishes a directory of internship and postdoctoral programs in professional psychology that meet APPIC membership standards.
  5. Facilitates the placement of unmatched internship applicants through the APPIC Match Phase II.
  6. Promotes the discussion of relevant selection and training issues for interns and postdoctoral fellows.
  7. Facilitates, through both formal and informal mechanisms, resolution of issues and problems that arise during selection or training of interns or fellows;
  8. Develops relationships with professional associations committed to doctoral and postdoctoral training and other aspects of professional psychology;
  9. Facilitates the exchange of information between doctoral programs and agencies offering internship and/or postdoctoral training in professional psychology;
  10. Represents the views of internship and postdoctoral agencies to relevant groups and organizations in professional psychology.
  11. Disseminates information on experiential training to members of the psychology community.
  12. Encourages research in the areas of psychology training and supervision.