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APPIC Nominations for APA Commission on Accreditation

APPIC has been asked to forward nominations for three seats on the APA Commission on Accreditation (CoA). Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for these important seats by Monday, September 14.

The term for these seats is January 2016 through December 2018. The APPIC Board of Directors will forward the names of three nominees for each seat to the APA Board of Educational Affairs which will make the final selection.

At present, APPIC is represented by Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D. (term ends in 2015; eligible for reappointment), and Henry Buchtel, Ph.D. and David Mather Ph.D. (both terms end in 2016). In addition, the APPIC- Other Training Communities CoA seats are filled by MaryJan Murphy, Ph.D (term ends in 2015; eligible for reappointment) and Kurt Freeman, Ph.D. (term ends in 2017). Postdoctoral Training Groups are represented by Stephen R. McCutcheon, Ph.D. (term ends 2015; eligible for reappointment). Thus, nominations are solicited for the seats currently held by Drs. Rodolfa (APPIC seat), Murphy (internship training seat), and McCutcheon (postdoctoral training seat).

Nominations must include a CV and a letter of interest. Please note that self-nominations are encouraged.

Nominees must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  1. The nominee must have a doctoral degree in professional psychology (i.e. clinical, counseling, school).
  2. The nominee has a minimum of five years of experience as a staff member with an APPIC member program that is APA accredited. The nominee has contributed significantly to his/her internship program's APA self-study and site visit process. Special consideration is given to training and department chairs.
  3. The nominee has experience as an APA site visitor.

Qualities such as leadership, ethical responsibility, conscientiousness, fairness, and working well in groups are strongly considered.

For the APPIC seat, preference will be given to current and past APPIC Board members, APPIC committee chairs, and psychologists who have been in other service positions within APPIC. With regard to the APPIC Other Training Communities seats (one internship and one postdoctoral), preference will be given to current and past ACCTA, APPCN, VA Psychology Training, APAHC, and APPIC Board members who meet the above criteria.

More information is available at:

For questions, please contact:
Allison Ponce, Ph.D., Chair, APPIC CoA Nominations Committee

APPIC Board of Directors

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