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Joining APPIC / Others (Students & Postdocs)

Others (Students & Postdocs)

Students and Postdocs

While students and postdoctoral residents do not actually "join" APPIC, they may take advantage of the services that APPIC has to offer.


Services for Doctoral Interns and Intern Applicants

Students who are interested in participating in the APPIC Match for psychology internship programs may register for the Match at the National Matching Services web site. The APPIC Post Match Vacancy Service provides information on internship positions that are available at the conclusion of the Match.

Students may search for internship programs using the APPIC Directory On Line.

APPIC provides the APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI), a standardized application for use by students who are applying to internship programs.

APPIC provides e-mail lists that may be of interest to students, including MATCH-NEWS (news and information about the APPIC Match) and INTERN-NETWORK (a discussion list for internship applicants and current interns).

Services for Postdoctoral Fellows and Applicants

APPIC does not currently conduct a computer Match for postdoctoral training programs. However, individuals who are interested in identifying APPIC-member postdoctoral programs may use the APPIC Directory OnLine
APPIC does provide guidelines for postdoctoral selection.  For additional information:  Click Here.

APPIC also provides an e-mail discussion list, POSTDOC-NETWORK, specifically for individuals who are interested in postdoctoral training issues. The UPPD also provides a lits ot postdoc training programs in the Universal Psychology Postdoc Directory (UPPD).

APPIC is developing a section specific for postdoctoral training. If you have issues and concerns that you feel should be addressed, please forward them to Dr. Wayne Siegel at wayne.siegel@va.gov.

Postdoctoral Fellows 

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