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2003 APPIC Member Survey: APPIC Predoctoral Internship Members

July 10, 2003

This survey of APPIC Predoctoral Members was conducted via the Internet between June 5 and July 10, 2003. All members who are subscribed to the APPIC Members Email Listserve were invited to participate.

Results of the survey are presented below. A total of 220 APPIC Member sites (33%) completed the survey.

Some of the more interesting findings from this survey include:

  1. Only 2% of APPIC Member internship sites charge an application fee.
  2. Thirty-one percent of internship sites bill 3rd party payers for psychology interns' services.
  3. Thirty-three percent of internship sites restrict the number of applicants from any one academic program or graduate school.
  4. Twenty percent of internship programs have an intern who was awarded their doctoral degree in psychology before starting the internship.
  5. Fifty-two percent of APPIC members agree or strongly agree that APPIC should pursue the development of an electronic/online submission of the AAPI.
  6. Thirty-eight percent of APPIC member programs that allow telephone interviews agree or strongly agree that applicants are at a disadvantage if the student chooses a telephone interview versus an on-site interview.
  7. Fifty-nine percent of the members responding to this survey are interested in a job listing page on the APPIC web.

  8. Only 3% of the members had one or more unpaid interns for the 2002-2003 internship training year.

  9. Ninety-one percent of the members agreed or strongly agreed that APPIC Online Directory was easy and straightforward to update.

  10. APPIC members were generally unhappy with the clearinghouse process and many called for a redesign of the process. See Clearinghouse Question comments.

  11. The majority of APPIC members felt the ROLIC (Rank Order List Input and Confirmation) system was easy to use and was very flexible for sties that use multiple lists. See Rolic Question comments.

  12. Feedback about the APPIC Online Directory was very positive and had many suggestions. See DOL Question comments.

  13. The APPIC Website was rated Good or Excellent 90% and above for "Accessibility", "Usefulness", "Ease of Searching for Information" and "Amount of time it takes to load website". Additional Comments on the Website.

  14. Only 1 site had a "fully" affiliated internship and 6 sites had a "partially affiliated" internship.

  15. Sixty-three percent of members surveyed do NOT want to discontinue the printed copy of the APPIC Directory.

  16. Members rated Supervision and Ethics as the two highest rated continuing education topics for the APPIC membership conference.

  17. Six programs had an intern that decided NOT to go on internship at their site. Ninety-seven percent of the internship sites did not have this experience.

  18. Eleven percent of respondents were at a VA Medical Center; 9% at a state hospital; 11% at a medical school; 23% at a counseling center; 5% at a children's hospital; 8% at a consortium; 4% at a private or general hospital; and 4% at a correctional institution.

    For Questions or comments on this survey please contact Dr. Jeff Baker at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

    See the entire survey (questions and percentages) in PDF format.

    3 April 2004

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