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2004 APPIC Member Survey: APPIC Postdoctoral Members

July 2, 2004

This survey of APPIC Postdoctoral Members was conducted via the Internet between May 6 and July 2, 2004. All members who have an email on file with APPIC Central Office were invited to participated.

Results of the survey are presented below. A total of 81 APPIC Postdoc Member sites were invited; 46 (57%) opened the survey; 36 (44%) completed the survey.

Some of the more interesting findings from this survey include:

  1. Fifty-eight percent of postdoc members surveyed identified that postdocs participated in research 10% of the time or less at their site.
  2. Members reported that two formal evaluations were conducted by 50% of member sites; 4 formal evals by 11%; and 8% of sites surveyed held 10 or more formal evaluations.
  3. Ninety-four percent of postdoctoral APPIC members used the APPIC Directory to advertise for their positions.
  4. Eighty-nine percent of APPIC postdoc member sites required trainees to attend a weekly training seminar; 75% encouraged trainees to complete the EPPP but only 11% required the completion of the EPPP during the first year of the postdoc. Only 4 sites allowed their postdocs to begin their position without the degree being completed.
  5. Forty-two percent of the programs funded their postdocs with departmental funds; 42% had the parent institution paying the stipend and 28% used patient revenues to fund the stipend.
  6. Sixty percent of postdoc members informed their trainees they do NOT have to pay back loans during the postdoc training period.
  7. One hundred percent of APPIC postdoc members did NOT require their trainee to sign a formal statement about personal behavior and/or religious beliefs as a condition of employment.
  8. The most popular training seminars provided include in order: Consultation and Supervision; Neuropsychology Assessment; Testing in General Psychology; Psychopharmacology; Disability Issues; Multicultural Issues, received the highest number of hours (10 or more) in seminar training.
  9. Fifty-four percent of postdoc member sites offered formal supervision training to staff psychologists.
  10. Sixty-six percent of the members are subscribed to the Postdoc-Members-Network Listserve.
  11. APPIC postdoc members were asked to identify ways APPIC could assist Training Directors to develop additional training programs that have low pay and limit actual training. Most suggested creative funding. Read the responses from APPCI postdoc members.

  12. Members identified APPIC as very helpful with the Directory On Line, keeping membership abreast of current information, and the website as a resource. See Comments regarding What APPIC Can Do For Members.

  13. Members identified what APPIC should focus on for improvement: 69% more postdoctoral training information; 69% Postdoctoral Job Listings; 50% More Online Resources through the Web and 31% reduce paperwork for APA accreditation.

  14. APPIC members responses on how they use the Web. Most use it for training rsources. See Comments.

  15. The most requested continuing education workshops listed in order of preference: Supervision (79%); Problem Postdocs (58%) which did not even get listed last year; Web Based Training Resources (45%) and Multicultural Issues (36%); were the top four.

  16. Sixty-seven percent of respondents to this survey also had a predoctoral internship on site.

  17. Twenty-eight percent of the respondents represented medical schools; 17% counseling centers; 14% VA Medical Centers 7% were from military hospitals.

    For Questions or comments on this survey please contact Dr. Jeff Baker at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

    See the entire survey (questions and percentages) in PDF format.

    3 July 2004

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