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2005 APPIC Member Survey: APPIC Predoctoral Internship Members

July 23, 2005

This survey of APPIC Predoctoral Members was conducted via the Internet between May 31 and June 1, 2005. All members who have an email listing on file at Central Office were invited to participate.

Results of the survey are presented below. A total of 596 sites were contacted to participate; 360 APPIC members visited the questionnaire and 276 member sites (46%) completed the survey.

Some of the more interesting findings from this survey include:

  1. Sixty-six percent of the members that responded to this survey said yes, APPIC should sponsor an annual event at APA for internship and postdoc applicants to meet the training directors.
  2. Ninety-seven percent (N=266) of internship sites stated they contacted the DCTs at the home site regarding and end of the year evaluation; 88% sent a mid-year evaluation; and only 19% contacted the DCTs requesting information before the internship began regarding strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Only Fifty-five percent (N=151) of internship sites stated they were satisfied with their communication with interns' doctoral program DCTs.
  4. Twenty-two percent (N=59) of internship program training directors had 20 hours allocated for thier role as TD. The next highest number was 10 hours allocated (47 with N=47).
  5. The majority of intern training directors have been licensed for 10 or more years.
  6. The majority of intern training directors made more than $65,000; 10 percent of training directors made more than $100,000.
  7. Ninety-one percent (N=245) of training directors opposed APPIC banning on-site interviews.

  8. Forty-three percent (N=114 of training sites reported that one or more applicants "either no showed or cancelled" their interview.

  9. Sixty-nine percent (N=188) want APPIC to develop membership criteria that requires sites to pay a reasonable stipend to psychology interns and postdocs.

  10. Fifty-seven percent (N=156) of training sites OPPOSE the proposal to eliminate the postdoctoral year.

  11. Only twenty-one percent (N=57) felt that 91-100% of their interns were ready for independent practice as a psychologist by the end of the internship year.

  12. Most training directors felt it is a bad idea to eliminate the postdoctoral year requirement for licensure. See Q12.

  13. The interview rating (telephone or on-site) of applicants was considered VERY IMPORTANT (81%, N=222) of training directors responding to the APPIC survey indicating this is the one most important factor.

    Vist the link below for additional intersting questions and full answers to the APPIC 2005 survey. For Questions or comments on this survey please contact Dr. Jeff Baker at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

    See the entire survey (questions and percentages) in PDF format.

    16 August 2005

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