2014 Conference Poster Session

2014 APPIC Conference Poster Information

Below is the current lineup of posters being presented at the 2014 APPIC Membership Conference Poster Session.

1   Assessing and Addressing Predoctoral Clinical Intern Competencies: An Example Model
Lisa Witcher, Psy.D.

2 Providing Culturally Competent Supervision to Trainees with Disabilities
Erin Andrews, Psy.D., ABPP, Angela Kuemmel, Ph.D. & Emily Lund, MEd.
3 A Clinical Research Infrastructure to Promote Science-Practice Integration  
Kendall C. Browne, Ph.D., Katherine Hoerster, Ph.D., Keren Lehavot, Ph.D., Danielle Roubinov, M.A., Stephen McCutcheon, Ph.D.

4 Worldview Genogram: A Process Model for Enhancing Diversity Responsiveness in Education, Training, and Clinical Supervision
Charles Chege, PsyD., Michi Fu, Ph.D.,, Beth Jenks, Ph.D., Joy Bustrum, Psy.D
5 Strengthening Suicide Prevention Competencies Using Standardized Patients
Wendi Cross, Ph.D., Jennifer West, Ph.D, Anthony Pisani, Ph.D., Thomas Weber, B.S.
6 The postdoctoral application process: What the applicants say
Claytie Davis III, Ph.D., Nancy Glenn, Ph.D., Russell B. Lemle, Ph.D., Mary Mendoza-Newman, Ph.D., and Brad L. Roper, Ph.D.

7 What Interns Should Know About Licensing and Credentialing: Development and Implementation of an Intern Training Seminar
A. Glade Ellingson, Ph.D.

8 Customizing Supervision to Reflect Preferences of the Supervisor and Supervisee
Scott Fairhurst, Ph.D., Chun I (Jeanie) Li, Ph.D., Charles Chege, Psy.D., Beth Jenks, Ph.D., Dianne Golden, LCSW, Lorri White, Ph.D., Adam Andreassen, Psy.D., Sheryn Scott, Ph.D., and Sheila Schmitt, Psy.D.

9 Perceptions and Implications of the APPIC Policy on Doctoral Program Associates: A Survey of Internship Program and Doctoral Program Associate Training Directors.
Peggy A. Hicks, Ed.D., Jose G. Vega, Ph.D., ABN, Christine Biddle, M.A., Uma Sankaram, MA., M.S., Megan E. Shaal, B.A.
10 Crossing the Threshold: A Partial-Affiliation Strategy to Promote Accredited Community Mental Health Psychology Internships
Carol Kerr, Ph.D., Luli Emmons, Ph.D., Laura Sciacca, M.A., M.S., Dana DeVaul, B.A

11 Development and evaluation of new assessment tools for competency-based training  
Mercedes Martinez, M.A., Andrew Cook, Ph.D., Jennifer West, Ph.D., Wendi Cross, Ph.D.,

12 Creating a Culture of Competency through Proactive Competency Assessment
Kristin Rodzinka, Ph.D., ABPP, Evelyn Sandeen, Ph.D., ABPP

13 Peer Supervision of Supervision Groups: A Practical Communitarian Strategy to Improve Supervision Competence
Evelyn Sandeen, Ph.D., ABPP, Aaron Joyce, Ph.D.

14   A collaborative training program to provide a continuum of competent care to underserved, severely and persistently mentally ill populations.
Jamie Schumpf, Psy.D., James Beacher , Psy.D., Lata McGinn, Ph.D.

15   Promoting Intern Competence in Leadership and Administration
Jennifer West, Ph.D., Wendi Cross, Ph.D., Kathryn Castle, Ph.D

16  Evaluation of a Training Workshop on Evidence-based Family Practices for Working with Veterans
Lauren M. Vines, M.S., Andrew J. Cook, Ph.D., Shelley A. Riggs, Ph.D., Ryan T. Hammond, Psy.D

17 Examining Fit: Lessons from a Program Evaluation of the Intern Application Process
Scott Waltman, Psy.D., Katherine Provencher, Psy.D., Ella Teague, Ph.D., Peggy Hicks, EdD., Jose Vega, Ph.D., Ashley Kirby, Ph.D.