2009 Conference Downloads

Friday April 17, 2009

8:30 - 9:30 - Invited Address
Stephen Behnke, JD, PhD
"Legal and Ethical Issues with Problematic Trainees"

9:30 - 10:45 Panel and Q&A
"Competency Problems: Managing Performance, Attitudinal, Ethical and Legal Issues with Interns and Postdocs"
Jeff Baker, PhD, Sharon Berry, PhD, Karen Taylor, PhD,
Eugene D'Angelo, PhD & Mona Mitnick, JD

11:00 - 12:15 Setting Related Breakout Groups

1. Academic Medical Centers/Health Science Centers
William Robiner, PhD, ABPP, University of Minnesota Medical School and Eugene D'Angelo, PhD, Harvard Medical School/The Children's Hospital

2. Veterans Affairs Health Care Systems
Steve McCutcheon, PhD, VA Puget Sound, Seattle and Jeanette Hsu, PhD, VA Palo Alto Health Care System

3. Other Hospital-Based and Medical Center Programs
Teri Simoneau, PhD, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers and Ann Hryshko-Mullen, PhD, ABPP, LtCol USAF, Wilford Hall Medical Center

4. Child Settings and School-Based Programs
Sharon Berry, PhD, Children's Hospital of Minnesota and Jason Williams, PsyD, Children's Hospital Aurora, CO

5. Community Mental Health Centers and Other Community-Based Settings
Yolanda G. Kraynick, PhD, Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers, Inc. and Elizabeth Harris Jenks, PhD, Pacific Clincs/Pasadena

6. Consortia
Andy Hogg, PhD, Arizona Psychology Training Consortium and Evelyn Sandeen, Southwest Consortium, Albuquerque

7. Postdoctoral Programs
Marla Eby, PhD, Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Mark Vogel, Ph.D. Consortium for Advanced Psychology Training

8. State Psychiatric Hospitals and Correctional Facilities
Denise DeBarre, PhD, Wyoming State Hospital and Phyllis Knopp, PhD, Western State Hospital, Tacoma, WA

9. University Counseling Centers
Karen Taylor, PhD, Ohio State University and Arnie Abels, PhD, University of Missouri Kansas City

1:30 - 2:45 Keynote Address - Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff: "So We're Not In Kansas Anymore, But Where Are We? Thoughts About The Future Of Professional Psychology Training"

3:00 - 4:30 Concurrent Sessions

Enhancing Competency Based Training

Title: Enhancing Competency Based Training Through the Screening, Selection and Performance Evaluation of Psychology Interns
Presenters: Paul Robins, PhD, Thomas Power, PhD, Mary Rourke, PhD, Melissa Alderfer, PhD and Cathi Grus, PhD

Title: Developing Competence in Pediatric Psychology in a General Clinical Child Internship.
Presenter: Jennifer C. West, PhD

Title: The Competency Assessment Toolkit for Professional Psychology
Presenter: Catherine L. Grus, PhD

2. WORKSHOP: Infusing Ethical and Multicultural Competence into Internship
Training: A Participatory Workshop

Presenter: Erica Wise, PhD

Supervision & Training
Title: Teaching Pre-Doctoral Psychology Interns to Train/Supervise First Year Family Practice Residents on Behavioral Health Theory and Issues Through a Half Day 12 -Week Seminar Format
Presenter: George Hurley, PhD

Title: Emotional Focused Supervision: Therapist Variables in Session
Presenter: M. Kirk Dougher, PhD

Title: Cultural Competence Training of Senior Faculty: Self-Perceptions and Supervisory Experiences - Download Bibliography
Presenters: Kathrin Hartmann, PhD and Barbara Cubic, PhD

Title: Best Practices in Networking in Psychology Training: MAAPIC: A Model
Panelist: Dr. Sarah K. Armstrong, University of St. Thomas; Dr. Sharon Berry, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota; Dr. Monica Mandell, Hennepin County Medical Center; Dr. Bill Robiner, University of Minnesota Medical School; Dr. Salina Renninger, University of Minnesota Counseling and Consulting Services; & Dr. Wayne Siegel, Minneapolis VA Medical Center

1. School Psychology Training in a Nonpublic Special Education Facility.
John T. Beetar, PhD

2. Integrating Best Practices in Behavioral Medicine Training.
Amy K. Silberbogen, PhD

3. Dispelling Myths About Part-Time Internships.
Andrea Morrison, PhD

4. Writing and Reviewing for Training & Education in Professional Psychology (TEPP).
Claytie Davis III, PhD & Emil Rodolfa, PhD

5. Interview and Selection Process.
Victor Wolski, PhD

6. Teaching Trainees to Conceptualize and Write About Emotional and Personality Functioning.
Wayne F. Martin, PhD

7. Interdisciplinary Training - Exposing School Psychology Interns to Alternative Roles.
Lauren K. Giovingo, George W. Hebert, PhD, W. Alan Coulter, PhD

8. The Convergence of Technology and People: A Multidisciplinary Participatory Learning Environment.
Jason Williams, PsyD, MS Ed

9. Define, Shape and Build: Creating a Postdoctoral Competency-Based Didactic Series.
Maria Fimiani, PsyD & Mark Vogel, PhD

10. Emerging Trends in Predoctoral Internship Training Programs in Forensic Settings: A Survey of APPIC Sites Listed in the 2008 Directory.
Peggy A. Hicks, EdD, Jose Vega, PhD, ABN, FACPN, Kimberly Dionysus, MA, Karen Farr, BA & Jessica Espinoza, MA

11. Striving to Keep Up with the Field of Evidence-Based Interventions: Redesign of a Child Psychotherapy Seminar.
Jennifer C. West, PhD

12. Bridging Best Practices Between the Classroom and the Community - A Model Training Program.
LaTonya Wood, PhD

13. Going Where Angels Fear to Tread: Implementing a Video-Based Supervision Consultation Team.
Evelyn Sandeen, PhD & Eric Levensky, PhD

14. Implementation of a Process Model of Cultural Sensitivity in a VA Psychology Service.
Rex M. Swanda, PhD & Evelyn Sandeen, PhD

15. Challenges for Early Career Psychologists in Developing a Training Program.
Julie N. Germann, PhD

16. Life After Internship & Post Doc Training: Building a Successful Private Practice.
Cathy Moonshine, PhD

17. Self-Care and Supervision.
Julie Oberhausen, PsyD

18. Training in the Clinical Use of Single Subject Designs: An Important Strategy for Building an Evidence Base for Clinical Practice.
Freeman, K. A., Harris, M., Saxton, S., Sikora, D., Janzen, D. & Nguyen-Driver, M.

19. The Local Clinical Science Training Model and Internship Readiness.
Lynette H. Bikos PhD & David Stewart, PhD

20. The Integration of Psychology and Psychiatry Training Programs in a Medical Setting.
Crista E. Wetherington, PhD

21. The Post-Doctoral Network: Implementing Best Practices Across Post-Doctoral Training Sites.
Catherine Romero, PhD

22. Evidence-Based Practice: "It's All in Your Head."
Michael A. Harris, PhD

23. Vicarious Trauma and Supervision.
Amy Ray, PhD

24. Countertransference and Supervision.
Diana Dobier, PsyD

Saturday April 18, 2009

8:30 - 9:30 Plenary Speaker -

Dr. Nadya Fouad, "Benchmarks in the Sequence of Psychology Education and Training"

9:45 - 11:15 Concurrent Sessions

Title: Integrating Training in Evidenced-Based Practices into Intern and Postdoc Programs
Presenters: Wayne G. Siegel, PhD, ABPP & Thad Strom, PhD

Title: Internship Funding in Community Health Settings: Challenges and Opportunities
Presenter: Eugene J. D'Angelo, PhD

Title: Catching the Golden Goose OR Can Post-Doctoral Programs Really Obtain Federal Funding?
Presenters: Barbara Wolf, PhD & Kirk Stucky, PhD, ABPP

Competence in Clinical Practice Across Populations and Settings

Title: Training to Promote Competence in Clinical Work with Triply Stigmatized Youth--Ethnic Minority, Sexual Orientation Minority and HIV Positive
Presenter: Jerilynn Radcliffe, PhD, ABPP

Title: Providing Psychology Trainees with Competencies Relating to Improvements in the Quality of Life of Chronically Ill Patients.
Presenter: Edna W. Lockert, PhD

Title: The Art and Science of Treating Clients with Addictions and Dual Diagnosis Problems in a Community Counseling Setting.
Presenter: Cathy Moonshine, PhD, MAC, CADC III

Title: Psychologists and Primary Care Clinicians: A Training Model for Collaborative Relationships.
Presenter: Barbara Cubic, PhD

Assessing Trainee Competence

Title: Assessment of Trainee Competencies: Preliminary Psychometric Study
Presenter: David J. Martin, PhD

Title: Development of a Rating Scale to Assess Geropsychology Practice Competencies
Pikes Peak Evaulation Tool - Download
COPGPT Application Form - Download
Presenter: Michele J. Karel, PhD

Title: Competency-Based Intern and Postdoctoral Rating, Based on the RIME system
Presenter: Sherry Hess, PhD

1:45 - 3:15

1. OnLine AAPI Demonstration
Presenter: Liaison

2. Post Doc Uniform Notification Date
Presenter: Russell Lemle, PhD


3:30 - 5:00

1. Workshop
Advocacy Training
Presenter: Dr. Nina Levitt

2. Workshop
Presenters: Dr. Karen Taylor, Dr. Greg Keilin, Dr. Eugene D'Angelo, Dr. Teri Simoneau & Dr. Arnie Abels

3. Workshop

The New Culture of Competency in Psychology: The Professional Development Process
ABPP General Information - Download
ABPP Book Flyer - Download
ABPP Early Entry Option Application - Download
ABPP - Dr. David Cox

National Registrar - Dr. Judy Hall

Preparing Interns and Post Docs for Licensure and Advanced Certification.
ASPPB - Dr. Emil Rodolfa & Dr. Carol Webb