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Call for CoA Nominations

APPIC Nominations to CoA

Deadline for 2017 Nominations September 1, 2017 at 5pm Central Time

Dear Colleagues in the Education and Training Community:

APPIC has been asked to forward nominations for two seats on the APA Commission on Accreditation (CoA).  Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for these important seats by September 1 at 5pm Central Time.  It is vital that internship and postdoctoral training issues continue to be well represented on the CoA.

Terms of service for the seats are January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2020.  As specified in the APA Policies of Accreditation Governance, the nominees should “…reflect individual and cultural diversity and the breadth of psychology as a discipline.” It is BEA’s responsibility to review all nominations to ensure that the overall composition of CoA reflects such diversity.  

As you know, the CoA increased the number of seats from 21 to 32 in 2008.  This provides an opportunity for representatives from internship and postdoctoral communities to make a difference and provide expertise to the Commission on Accreditation.

A position on the CoA requires a substantial amount of work, including three 4-day meetings in Washington, DC (April, July & October) and at least one policy review meeting usually held in January.  Nominations must include a CV and a letter of interest that identifies interest and qualifications.  Nominations are due by September 1 at 5pm Central Time.  Please forward your nominations and letter of interest using the Nominations form located at:  https://www.appic.org/Forms/Nominations-for-APA-Commission-on-Accreditation

Nominees must meet the following criteria to be considered: 

1.   The nominee must have a doctoral degree in professional psychology (i.e. clinical, counseling, school).

2.   The nominee has a minimum of five years of experience as a staff member with an APPIC member program that is APA accredited. The nominee has contributed significantly to his/her internship program’s APA self-study and site visit process. Special consideration is given to internship training directors and department chairs.

3.   The nominee has experience as an APA site visitor.

4.   Qualities such as leadership, ethical responsibility, conscientiousness, fairness, and working well in groups are strongly considered.

5.   Preference is given to current and past APPIC Board members, APPIC Committee Chairs, and psychologists who have been in other service positions within APPIC.

Documents include:

1.    Policies of Accreditation Government

2.    APPIC Nomination Criteria

3.    2018 CoA Membership Profile

4.     2018 Information for Prospective Members

5.     Code of Conduct – Revised 2017

Documents to review include:

2018 CoA Membership Profile

APA Policies of Accreditation Governance

APPIC-ATCCN Nomination Criteria

Code of Conduct 2018

Information for Prospective CoA Members 2018

Please contact me if you have additional questions.  Thanks!

Allison Aosved, Ph.D.
Chair of the CoA Nominations Committee
APPIC Board of Directors
Email:  allison.aosved@gmail.com

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