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AAPI - APPIC Application for Psychology Internships

AAPI - APPIC Application for Psychology Internships 


This page provides news and information about the AAPI service. APPIC strongly encourages the intern applicant to consult and work closely with your Director of Clinical Training (DCT) throughout the application process. In order to obtain a position at any program that uses the AAPI Centralized Application Service (AAPI CAS), applicants that want to use the APPIC Match for their internship must register for and participate in the APPIC Match. Therefore, the AAPI CAS service may only be used by applicants who are enrolled in doctoral programs that are Doctoral Program Associates (DPA) of APPIC. You may quick-jump to the following topics on this page:


  • The 2022-23 AAPI applicant portal is active! ( 
  • To see a description of the AAPI enhancements for the 2022-23 application cycle including the Standardized Reference Form (SRF) and diversity essay revisions, please click here.
  • Check out the APPIC Training Resources Calendar for upcoming AAPI Q&A Sessions for applicants and DCTs.


Training materials are always in the process of being developed. As new training materials are released, you will find links to them in this section. A series of webinars will be offered each year to internship Training Directors and academic Directors of Clinical Training (DCTs). Announcements regarding the webinars will typically be announced in early to mid summer each year. These interactive seminars will allow TDs and DCTs to see live demonstrations and ask questions of the AAPI Online team.

  • APPLICANTS: APPIC provides a video to review the AAPI application process.  Please review the video prior to completing your AAPI - Click Here.  If you have difficulty please contact AAPICAS Support. 

ACCESS THE AAPI - Access for the next cycle generally occurs around July 15 of each year

Access the AAPI as follows:

APPLICANT PORTAL: If you are an applicant, click here to access the AAPI CAS Applicant Portal to create and develop your application. We strongly recommend that you read the general instructions upon entering the portal (see the "Instructions" link on the left). As you enter different sections of the AAPI, you should click the "Instructions for this section" link in the upper right portion of each page. As you work on your application, be sure to click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of each page in order to save your work.  The applicant portal usually opens around July 15 of each year. Programs can set the date an application is due for their site, to be safe, submit all applications by 11:59pm Eastern Time on or before the program's due date.  When applicants begin "adding a program" the name of the program is used to search, but applicants can choose filters to search by state or APPIC Membership Number.

DCT PORTAL: This portal is for academic Directors of Clinical Training (DCTs) who will be providing the verification of internship eligibility and readiness for their students. It will take you to the Time2Track verification system.  If you are a DCT, you will not have access to this portal until one of your students requests such verification, at which time you will receive an e-mail with the appropriate login information. If you have already received your login information via e-mail, click here to access the DCT Portal.

REFERENCE WRITERS: Referees are required to use the Standardized Reference Form (SRF) that was developed by the CCTC (the Council of Chairs of Training Councils). As of the 2022-23 application cycle, the SRF format has changed to an online form from a document upload. Letter writers can prepare their answers in advance by viewing the questions in the blank SRF.    

Once a student has designated a referee in their AAPI, the letter writer will receive an e-mail that contains links to instructions and the portal, LettersbyLiaison. After referees complete an SRF for a student, they will have the option to click a box to initiate the “Re-use” feature, endorsing the use of their SRF for all future applications. If they do not check that box, each time a student identifies them as a referee for a new site, that recommender will be pinged again to complete a new SRF. APPIC suggests that recommenders generally submit a universal SRF to go to all sites and thus, use the "Re-use" feature. If, in the rare circumstance a referee wants to tailor a particular letter but generally wants to use a universal letter, they can toggle the "re-use" feature on and off.  

INTERNSHIP ADMISSIONS (SELECTION) PORTAL for Training Directors: This portal is for internship programs to access and review submitted applications. The portal can be accessed by clicking on the link. Please note that it will open around October 1 of each year. October 15 for 2021.


The AAPI is the culmination of a multi-year effort by APPIC to make the internship application process more cost-effective and efficient for applicants, doctoral programs, and internship sites. The AAPI Centralized Application Service (AAPI CAS) has been a collaborative process with APPIC’s partner, Liaison International, a company that specializes in Centralized Application Services. The content of the AAPI was created with input from APPIC-Member internship programs, APPIC-Doctoral program Associates, and doctoral psychology graduate students.

APPIC is always open to hearing your feedback and comments about the AAPI Online. Please direct your feedback, comments, and concerns to Dr. Kimberly Hill at

The AAPI will be used for each upcoming selection cycle (for internships taking place in the next year). The AAPI should be used by students to apply to all APPIC-member internship programs as well as those non-member programs that register to participate in the APPIC Match. All applications for the APPIC Match must be submitted via AAPI CAS, and no site may request a printed copy of a student's application materials. This has worked very successfully in the past few years and members and students find the process easy to navigate and an efficient use of their time.  The use of the AAPI CAS to apply to programs that are not participating in the APPIC Match is prohibited.  The last major revision of the AAPI occurred for the 2020/21 application cycle.  Enhancments occur for each match cycle and feedback is solicted by APPIC from DCTs, TDs, and current or recent applicants.

Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Applicants access the AAPI via the "Applicant Portal," which means that they will use their internet browser to create an account, enter information into the various fields of the AAPI, and ultimately submit their completed application to internship sites. Applicants may create multiple versions of cover letters, CVs and essays (e.g., in order to tailor these items to different sites and/or settings) if they wish to do so.
  2. Once an applicant completes the portions of the AAPI that need to be verified by her/his Director of Clinical Training (e.g., total hours, dissertation progress, etc.), the student will generate an electronic request to her/his DCT. The DCT will then either approve the information (via an electronic signature) or ask the student to make changes, and provides additional information as appropriate.
  3. The applicant will also request references using the Standardized Reference Form (SRF) by generating electronic requests (via entering reference writer e-mail addresses in the applicant portal) to individuals of her/his choosing. These individuals will upload their Standardized Reference Forms directly into the AAPI Online. While the applicant will not be permitted to view the content of the SRF, s/he may attach it to as many or as few applications as desired. In other words, the applicant can decide which letters of reference are submitted to each internship site.
  4. The applicant also submits one official copy of all graduate transcript(s) directly to the application service via regular mail. These transcripts are verified as official, scanned into the system, and attached to each application that is submitted by the applicant. Undergraduate transcripts are no longer allowed as a supplemental upload but programs may request a copy AFTER the match for appointment reasons.  Some universities will not separate the undergraduate transcripts from the graduate transcripts and these are permissable.
  5. If a program requires applicants to submit materials that are not a part of the regular AAPI Online application (e.g., testing reports or case summaries), the applicant will need to obtain the required information, convert it into an electronic document (e.g. via scanning), upload it to the AAPI service, and attach it as "supplementary materials" to the application that is submitted to that program.  These are the only allowed supplemental materials, programs can choose two testing reports or two summaries or one of each but no more than two in total.  Specific issues requested by a program can be addressed in the cover letter.
  6. Once an applicant has completed all aspects of the application, they will then select the "designated" sites to which the application is submitted electronically. The applicant has the flexibility to decide which cover letter, essays, letters of recommendation, CVs and if requested, supplemental materials are submitted with each application.
  7. Once submitted, the application is instantly available to the internship site for review. Training Directors and selection committees may review applications online, sort and select applications based on various criteria, and download application information in various formats. Please send your transcripts to: AAPI Online Transcript Department at P.O. Box 9117, Watertown, MA 02471.


The APPIC Board works hard to ensure that the cost of the application process for the internship is kept at the lowest possibly price.  The 2020 AAPI fee includes a small increase.  Applicants are encouraged to use the APPIC Directory, your graduate program Director of Training and colleagues to determine where you want to apply and what programs are a good fit for you.  The match rate indicates that the average number of applications submitted per student is between 13 and 14.  There are diminishing returns for going much above that amount.  The AAPI is charged per application and the rate increases substantially after 15 applications.  The application for psychology internships is still a reasonable price compared to the other health professions.

The fees to applicants for use of the AAPI will be $50.00 to submit the first application and $32 for each of the next 2-15 submissions and $60 for applications 16 and above.

Data from the APPIC Match consistently show that submitting more than 15 applications does not improve applicants' chances of being matched, and APPIC recommends that most applicants should submit no more than 15 applications.

There is no cost to create and develop an application using the AAPI CAS service. Fees are charged to applicants only when their applications are actually submitted to internship sites.  Fees are not eligible for reimbursement unless a program closes prior to the submission of the Rank Order List for that application cycle.

It should also be noted that the fees for the AAPI CAS has lower fees for similar services provided by other professional organizations.

Here are some examples of other fee structures (2021), including APPIC:

  • APPIC: $50.00 for the first application submitted, $32 for applications 2-15; $60 for each additional application above 15.  Total for 15 = $498.
  • CASPA (Physician Assistants): $179 for first application, $55 for each addition application. Total for 15 = $949.
  • PASS (American Dental Education Association): $251 for first application, $108 per additional. Total for 15 = $1763.
  • CSDCAS (Communication Sciences): $125 for first application, $45 per additional. Total for 15 = $825.
  • PTCAS (Physical Therapists): $155 for first application, $60 per additional. Total for 15 = $995.

Need Help?

AAPI Online Support:

For questions about the CONTENT, IMPLEMENTATION, OR USE of the AAPI Online, please contact  Dr. Kimberly Hill at

For Applicants and Training Programs with difficulty logging on, uploading, submitting applications, etc., please contact the AAPI Online technical support team at (617) 612-2899 (hours: M-F 9am to 5 pm Eastern time) or TECHNICAL QUESTIONS or difficulties please email APPICAS Support at

For Training Programs having difficulty managing the admissions portal: