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News Articles

Admissions Portal Q&A ZOOM session Friday, 10/22 (11:00 AM CST)

Published on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Greetings Internship Training Directors!

As you embark on this year's intern selection process, I want to update you about enhancements made to the Admissions portal and share some helpful resources.


  1. Admissions Portal Q&A ZOOM session this Friday, 10/22:

Get your Admissions Portal questions answered in the upcoming Q & A session with the Admissions portal engineers. Here is the ZOOM information:

Time: Friday, Oct 22, 2021 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

  Password: 701982


Or Telephone:

  Dial: +1 650 724 9799 (US, Canada, Caribbean Toll) or +1 833 302 1536 (US, Canada, Caribbean Toll Free)

  Meeting ID: 956 6924 6533

  Password: 701982

Can't make it? No worries, the meeting will be recorded.


  1. Accessing the portal:

Your login credentials remain the same as last year. If you are having trouble logging into the Admissions portal, please contact the support team: AAPIAdmission by Liaison Client Support at or 617-221-7838. 


  1. AAPI Quick Start Guide

The AAPI Quick Start Guide is useful for both new and experienced users. It has been updated to include information for how to refamiliarize yourself with the Admissions portal including how you can customize your dashboard in a new cycle.


  1. Admissions Portal Overview Webinar Recording:

First time using the Admissions Portal? You might find this Admissions Overview Webinar recording to be helpful.


  1. Where are my applications?

Please don't panic. It is actually quite unusual for a site to have an application at this point in the process. When I last checked, there were only 18 applications submitted in total (out of an expected ~55,000 applications). 

If you are seeing last year' applicants when you log in, here are the steps necessary to see your new dashboard and new applications:

  1. First, follow the steps outlined here in the working in a New Cycle or Phase section of the AAPI Quick Start Guide.


  1. Navigate to your homepage and click "Applications" found in the left side of your screen.
  2. On the top of the Applications page, click on the small arrow for a dropdown menu.
  3. Select "Programs" in the dropdown menu and you can select 2022 to see your new applications (as soon as you have some)


  1. Admissions Portal Enhancements

Many enhancements have been implemented this cycle including:

  • Improved AAPI delivery time. In most instances, data transfer time should be immediate. During periods of high traffic, data transfer time should be no longer than 1 hour. Note, we are still encouraging students to submit their application at least 24 hours prior to their application deadlines.
  • Improved data export time. In most instances, reports will be exported within one minute. For the most complex queries, reports could take 15-30 minutes to export.
  • Timeout period extended. After 28 minutes of inactivity, users will get an onscreen warning that they will be logged out of the Admissions portal within 2 minutes. It is important that users remember to save their work on a regular basis so that they don't lose any data should they be timed out.
  • Evaluation form functionality has been expanded.

To learn more about this year's enhancements, click on the purple road sign icon at the bottom right of your dashboard in your Admissions portal. You will be guided through some additional enhancements as well as some useful tips.


  1. Covid-19 impact to practicum hours:

In my role as AAPI Coordinator, I repeatedly hear concerns from prospective applicants about their inability to meet the listed intervention and/or assessment minimum hours due to the pandemic's impact on their practicum training for the past 18 months. From speaking to DCTs in various regions of the US and Canada, it is evident that there are regional differences in the impact of the pandemic where some locales have remained predominatley in teleheath mode while others are back in person. Also, there are stark differences across site types with school settings being significantly impacted by the pandemic. Given that accurate psychological assessment is more challenging over telehealth, this is the area most negatively impacted. It appears that in some regions, that 30% of the students in the application process have accrued less than 50 assessment hours.  As was true last year, we are encouraging applicants to speak to the impact of the pandemic on their practicum training in their application.


Wishing you all a very smooth intern selection season!