Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directions (UPPD) - Search Instructions

The UPPD can be searched by any single or combination of the following criteria.

  1. Words in the program name, description, specialty and/or emphasis - This field will search for word(s) that may be listed in any UPPD field(s). Whatever is typed into this box must exactly match the word(s) used in the actual program listing field. Programs describe their training in different ways in the directory (i.e., tracks, focus areas, or emphases)., Consequently, if you’re looking for a specific focus or emphasis area, it is suggested that you use different search strategies (e.g., conduct separate searches using the “Specialty,” “Emphasis or focus of training,” and “Other emphasis or focus of training” fields.)
  2. State - Select by geographic location. You can select single or multiple states, Providences or Commonwealths.
  3. Agency Type - Select by agency type - e.g., Children’s Hospital, Community Mental Health Center, Corrections, VA Medical Center, etc.
  4. APPIC Member Program - Filter the directory by whether or not the program is a dues paying APPIC member program.
  5. Specialty Recognized by COS (Counsel of Specialties) - these are recognized specialties with formal training and education guidelines. Programs are indicating whether their training is consistent with specialty training in that area, but not that they are necessarily accredited in that area.
  6. Emphasis or focus of training - Although not recognized specialties, many programs provide focused training in emphases or tracks. This drop-down list contains the most common emphases or tracks. Some programs may not have completed this field.
  7. Other emphasis or focus of training - This is a free text box for emphases or tracks that are not in the drop-down menu of the previous field. Note: Whatever is typed into this box must match exactly the word(s) the program used to complete this field. Some programs may not have completed this field.
  8. Research Time – Filter the directory by the amount of research release time the program offers.

Clicking on the “Advanced Search Options” allows for additional search criteria:

  1. Country – United States and Canada are the only options.
  2. APA Accredited - Filter the directory by accreditation status - whether or not the program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) Commission on Accreditation (CoA).
  3. Immediate Opening - Filter the directory for programs with an immediate opening or an opening in the very near future.
  4. Application due date before – Filter the directory for programs that have a due date before the date entered into the field.
  5. Start date before - Filter the directory for programs that have a start date before the date entered into the field.
  6. Unfilled positions – Filter the directory for programs that have unfilled positions. This field can only be used after the Uniform Notification Day (UND) as programs will update their listings to indicate open positions. 

Despite efforts to standardize data entry, programs may differ in how their information is listed in the UPPD fields. Consequently, it is recommended that applicants.

On the Search Results Page, you are able to further sort by alphabetical order, when the program was last updated, etc. by clicking on the specified boxes.

Being educated about the postdoctoral selection process will help ensure a smoother selection process and maximize your chances of obtaining a postdoctoral position that is a good match between your interests, background, and training. We highly recommend that applicants:

  • Consult with leadership and staff at their internship program and/or doctoral program to discuss related to conducting searches and determining which programs would be a good fit.
  • Review the APPIC Postdoctoral website page, as it has a great deal of information and educational materials pertaining to the postdoctoral selection process. The webinars and video on postdoctoral selection may prove to be particularly useful.

For technical difficulties with the UPPD, contact the APPIC Postdoc Committee Chair, Wayne G. Siegel, Ph.D., ABPP at wayne.siegel@va.gov or 612-467-4024.