The APPIC Directory is provided as a service to students, graduate faculty, and training directors in identifying APPIC-member internship and post-doctoral training programs that are likely to meet specific training needs. See the Directory Inclusion Criteria for more information about the programs listed in the APPIC Directory.

The APPIC Directory is available in an electronic form. The APPIC Directory provides information about each program and provides a number of search options that allow users to quickly identify programs of interest.

As of 2008, the APPIC Directory is no longer available in book form, so the APPIC Board has made available for download a complete "frozen" copy of the Directory that is a snapshot of the online Directory available each year in September. This download is in ".pdf" format and may be read, searched, or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download from

**Please note that this "frozen" copy of the Directory was accurate as of the date created (typically "frozen" in July), but would not reflect any changes made by Training Directors after that date. Thus, please use the online version of the Directory for the most current information "Access the Directory Online" link to see only the most current information that has been updated by the member program.  

APPIC Directories (Prior Years) (PDF Copies)

APPIC Directory (Current)

Only APPIC-member internship and post-doctoral training programs are listed in the APPIC Directory. Each program is required to update its Directory information at least once each year, although programs may update their information at any time. It is the responsibility of each individual training program to ensure that the information contained in the Directory is accurate and up-to-date. The contents of the APPIC Directory OnLine represent the best efforts of APPIC to provide accurate information, but due to membership and programmatic changes and the exigencies of reporting, APPIC cannot assure absolute accuracy at any given time.

APPIC is not an accrediting agency. A listing in the Directory indicates only that a program has declared itself to be in compliance with APPIC membership policies. Verification of current APPIC membership status may be obtained from the APPIC Central Office. The APA-accreditation status of any program may be verified by contacting the American Psychological Association.  APPIC expects all programs to meet and sustain the membership criteria and ideally to move towards APA or CPA accreditation.  APA or CPA accreditation is considered the "gold standard" in psychology training and APPIC provides a mentor to any program interested in moving towards membership in APPIC along with APA/CPA accreditation.

APPIC funds the Directory through membership and match fees that are collected from doctoral psychology, postdoctoral and internship programs. Anyone can search the Directory and it is primarily used by doctoral students seeking an internship in health service psychology.

Instructions for Updating Your APPIC Directory Information (here)

The deadline to update your APPIC Directory information is July of each year. There are almost always new enhancements in development, but members can update their information at anytime. July is usually the time new enhancements are available and member are encouraged to ensure their Directory is up to date.



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