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APPIC Directories (PDF Copies)

APPIC Directories - PDF Copies

APPIC Directories (PDF captured in July). Members are strongly encouraged to update your APPIC Directory information as this remains the applicants #1 complaint. APPIC receives a significant number of inquiries about internship and postdoctoral training programs membership status in order to determine the eligibility of an applicant for the medical staff, ABPP application and state licensing boards.

The most recent PDFs are typically posted at the beginning of the training year/application cycle and include any information provided by the program prior to the July 1 deadline for updating programs. Programs not updating their information will be published when the information is captured from the "live" APPIC Directory and unfortunately the information may not be accurate for that site and will appear in the "archived" Directory. Programs may update their information at anytime in the live APPIC Directory.

The previous versions of the APPIC Directory are listed below. Many of these Directories have been kept in a secure filing cabinet and have now been posted online "as is". Unfortunately, they are not searchable, but they are complete though some had torn or wrinkled pages. It is hoped these online versions will be of assistance to those needing to identify if their internship was a member of APPIC at the time they completed their internship or postdoc. APPIC's first printed version of the Directory began in 1972.


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