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If you are a current APPIC Member you can Log In - Click Here. An APPIC "member" is defined as an internship or post-doctoral training program that has met all of the relevant APPIC membership criteria and is in good standing.

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Membership Criteria for:internship programs, postdoctoral programs, or consortia.

Seeking Membership

To become a member of APPIC a program must submit an eMembership application and be accepted for membership after materials pass a Preliminary Review, a review by the APPIC Membership Committee and a final review and vote by the APPIC Board of Directors. Training programs that are interested in joining APPIC may begin their eMembership by going to this link - Click Here. You will be prompted to search for your program and if the name has not been used before, then you will be allowed to create a new membership folder to begin your application for membership. For assistance please the APPIC Central Office.

**Please note that APPIC membership criteria require a program to have the minimum number of TWO trainees (psychology interns) on site and in training (on site) at the time of initial application for FULL APPIC membership.**

Consortia of independent training programs are also eligible to apply for APPIC membership. A consortium is comprised of multiple independent agencies that have joined together to offer a well-rounded, unified psychology training program. The purpose of a consortium is to pool the resources of more than one site to enhance and ensure the quality of training provided to interns and/or postdoctoral fellows. In some cases, isolated agencies within a consortium cannot meet certain APPIC criteria for an internship or postdoctoral fellowship, but are able to contribute to a comprehensive training program when various types of resources are combined.

Membership applications for Postdoctoral Training Programs are reviewed on a "rolling" basis.  Applications can be submitted at any time.  The normal review process takes 3 months given all programs are provided a prelinary review (see below) before being submitted to the APPIC Postdoctoral Membership Committee. The application deadlines for Psychology Internships are April 1 and August 1 of each year (applications must have completed all information required in the eMembership application and pay the $300 application fee by that date to be reviewed).  APPIC does accept program applications for internship at anytime, but programs submitting an application AFTER August 1 will likely experience a delay in their ability to participate in the APPIC Match for the upcoming cycle (please contact the APPIC Match Coordinator, Dr. Greg Keilin, at 512-410-0002 if you wish to discuss your specific situation).  Application Fees are non-refundable.  Programs are strongly encouraged to submit their applications prior to the deadline date. APPIC provides a "preliminary review" and requires a quick turn around usually requesting clarification or additional information about your training program. There is a $300 application fee that must be paid before the application will be reviewed. Checks can be mailed to APPIC Central Office or payment can be made by credit card by calling Central Office with your credit card information, or when you are online within your eMembership application. See the Dues and Fees page for information about annual membership dues.

All materials requested need to be uploaded to the eMembership portal on the APPIC website. Programs SUBMIT the application and will get an email response when the application has been officially submitted. Hard copies of the materials are no longer accepted. Timelines for the review of applicants vary and are partly dependent on the timeliness of the programs when additional information or clarification is needed. All programs are provided a Preliminary Review and must complete that process prior to the program being reviewed by an APPIC Membership Committee. The Preliminary Review is conducted by Clover Educational Consulting Group ( and may result in three potential outcomes.

Clover may:

1) Pass the application to the appropriate APPIC Committee for full review,

2) Defer for Information, which includes providing feedback to the program that must be addressed before the application review can progress, or

3) Defer for Cause, which indicates that the program appears to be substantially out of compliance with the APPIC Membership criteria and is encouraged to withdraw the application and resubmit when it is able to demonstrate compliance.

The majority of programs will receive a Deferral for Information letter at this stage, which indicates that the program appears to be largely in compliance with the APPIC Membership criteria but will need to provide clarification or additional information in order to demonstrate full compliance.

Once the program has responded (uploaded their detailed response and amended their materials). Clover will review the responses and again will either:

1) Pass the application to the appropriate APPIC Committee for full review,

2) Defer for Information, which includes providing a second round of feedback to the program that must be addressed before the application review can progress, or

3) Defer for Cause. A Deferral for Information at this stage indicates that the program did not adequately address the feedback provided and is being provided a final opportunity to respond prior to being reviewed by the Committee. Clover will not review any program a third time, thus it is incumbent upon the program to respond adequately such that the APPIC Committee may determine whether the membership criteria are met.

The Committee will be provided with all original and updated application materials, as well as all correspondence between the program and Clover. The full review to be conducted by the APPIC Membership Committee also may result in a request for additional information or clarification.

Programs should respond to any feedback in a timely and comprehensive manner. If a program has not passed through the Preliminary Review process prior to the Committee Review meeting for that cycle, the program will not have the opportunity to be reviewed by the Committee until the subsequent membership cycle. Applications may be submitted at any time, and programs are encouraged to submit well in advance of the April and August deadlines in order to maximize the likelihood of being approved for Membership during the desired membership cycle.

If an applicant does not complete the application in its entirety or the program has not pushed SUBMIT on the eMembership (do NOT use IE as Chrome, Safari or Firefox works best), APPIC would not know there is an application pending. Programs will receive a confirmation email when the application is submitted so watch for this email so that you know your application is complete and ready to go forward. PLEASE call Central Office at 832.284.4080 if you have questions about this process. APPIC will be happy to assist with this process. Older versions of Internet Explorer do not work well with this site.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning Fall 2020, non-member internship programs will NOT be permitted to participate in the APPIC Match or Post-Match Vacancy Service until they become Provisional or Full APPIC Members. Click here for more information.

APPIC membership benefits include listing in the APPIC online Directory, access to the APPIC Match and the Post Match Vacancy Service (for internship programs), a subscription to the TEPP (Training and Education in Professional Psychology) journal, participation in members-only e-mail discussion lists, discounted fees at the biannual membership conference; consultation from the APPIC Board regarding informal problems, access to training materials on the APPIC website, and a subscription to the APPIC e-newsletter.

APPIC Member Renewal Reviews

APPIC MEMBER RENEWAL REVIEWS. APPIC requires periodic reviews for internship and postdoctoral programs that are not accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). Accredited programs have been reviewed and site visited by the APA or CPA. Programs that are not currently accredited by one of these agencies are required to maintain membership in APPIC by completing a review every 3 years. APA or CPA accredited APPIC members are required to provide to APPIC any change in accreditation status as well as any updated information needed to maintain accreditation (change of rotations; major changes to the program). Programs that are NOT accredited by the APA or CPA are required to undergo a review by the APPIC Member Renewal Committee every 3 years or as requested by APPIC as needed. Deadlines for renewal of membership is April 1 within 3 years of their prior review. Renewal materials are required to be uploaded before the deadline provided to the program (before April 1). If a program misses the deadline and has not received an extension BEFORE the deadline date, the program will be considered as having voluntarily withdrawn from APPIC membership and will be considered inactive as of 30 days after their renewal deadline. The program will be removed from the Directory and the program will not be allowed to participate in the APPIC Match Phase I or Phase II. If the program provides their renewal documentation after the deadline, the program may be required to pay a late fee of $100 plus the renewal fee ($250). If there is no response by the program by the deadline or no response within 30 days of notice by the renewal committee's request for additional clarification, the process will begin for the program to be withdrawn from APPIC as well as the APPIC Match through National Matching Services until their program has been reviewed and approved by the APPIC Membership Committee. Member information will be "unhidden" in the Directory and allowed to participate in the match only if they have completed the requirements for renewal or received an extension for their renewal. Extensions are typically only provided for programs that request it before the deadline and provide sufficient information to justify an extension which is approved by APPIC Central Office.

Be aware that future interns in your program will not be able to indicate that they attended an APPIC member internship (though interns currently participating will not be harmed by this withdrawal/hidden status given that they began their training in good faith with an APPIC member program). Membership can be obtained again only by submitting a new application through eMembership and paying the application fee and the dues and fees required for the current training year.

Please be sure that you login (usually your email address, which can only be used once in our system) to eMembership and all materials are uploaded are current and accurate. Programs that do not submit their renewal in a timely manner will be subject to removal from APPIC. They will be deemed "withdrawn" from APPIC though significant efforts are made by APPIC to contact the program with renewal notices in Jan/Feb and again in March. All renewals are due by April 1.

Accessing APPIC's eMembership: Please contact Central Office for any assistance needed in submitting your online application, or renewal material. Programs that are APA or CPA accredited need to submit only their demographic information via the eMembership along with the application fee (check mailed to Central Office or credit card information called into Central Office), and a copy of the letter from the accrediting agency (APA or CPA).

Internship Programs: Application (Link to eMembership Application)

Postdoctoral Programs: Application (Link to eMembership Application)

Membership Renewal: Proceed to your eMembership Portal and update the materials for your program. (Link to eMembership Portal)

APPIC New Training Director Mentorship Program

APPIC is pleased to offer a mentorship program for internship and postdoctoral training directors that are interested in joining APPIC and would like support and guidance through the process. Dr. Shona Vas coordinates APPIC's mentoring services for new training directors. If you would like to consult with and mentor a new TD or if you are a new TD and would like to consult with an experienced TD, please contact Dr. Shona Vas through the APPIC New Training Director Mentor request form:  Click Here

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