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Instructions for Applicants

The 2017 APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service
Instructions for Applicants

Updated September 18, 2017


The information on this page applies only to the 2017 APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service.
Significant changes will be implemented for 2018 and are described here.

The APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service began operation on March 20, 2017 (at the conclusion of Phase II of the 2017 APPIC Match) and will remain available through October 31, 2017. This service allows eligible internship programs to post information about unfilled positions for students who remain unmatched.


There is no fee for applicants to use the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service. Furthermore, applicants do not register to use this service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students from non-accredited doctoral programs that have not been awarded an accreditation site visit will NOT be eligible to participate in the APPIC Match beginning with the 2018 Match. Please see this FAQ for more information.

An applicant is eligible to use the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service if he/she meets ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Is eligible under APPIC's "Intern Applicant Policy," which includes the requirement that an applicant must be matriculating through a doctoral program that is eligible to participate in the APPIC Match. A list of eligible doctoral programs can be found here. Please note that there may be both eligible and ineligible doctoral programs at the same school or university. Applicants who have already graduated from their doctoral programs are not eligible.

    While an applicant must be matriculating through an eligible doctoral program, there is NO requirement to be registered or paying tuition for any particular semester in order to be eligible to participate in the Post-Match Vacancy Service.

    Students who are enrolled in doctoral-level respecialization programs or who attend Universities outside of the U.S. and Canada should consult the Intern Applicant Policy for participation requirements.

  2. Has not been placed into a position by the APPIC Match.

  3. Has not accepted or committed to any other internship position.

  4. Has been authorized to participate by her/his doctoral program.

Applicants who meet all four of these requirements are eligible to participate in the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service. Applicants who do not satisfy these requirements may not participate in the Post-Match Vacancy Service and may not apply to or attend APPIC-member internship programs. Students who did not register for or participate in the APPIC Match are eligible as long as they meet the requirements outlined above.

Applicants who have been matched into a position by the APPIC Match, or who have already accepted an internship position, are contractually bound to attend that internship program and may not seek other internship positions.

Students who do not meet these requirements and who wish to consult with APPIC may do so by using APPIC's Informal Problem Consultation process.


Following is a general overview of the Post-Match Vacancy Service process from an applicant's perspective.  The process begins at 11:00 am Eastern Time on APPIC Phase II Match Day, Monday, March 20, 2017.

  1. Applicants locate information about unfilled positions (see "Accessing Information about Unfilled Positions", below).

  2. Applicants apply for the positions in which they are interested (see "Preparing your Initial Application" and "Submitting your Initial Application," below, for specific guidelines about how to apply).

  3. An internship Training Director who is interested in an applicant will contact her/him directly, possibly requesting additional information and/or an interview.

  4. When a hiring decision has been made, the Training Director will contact the applicant and offer her/him a position. The applicant may accept or decline that offer. Applicants should understand that accepting an offer is a final decision, as an offer that is tendered by an internship program and accepted by an applicant constitutes a binding agreement between the program, the applicant, and APPIC that may not be reversed without APPIC's consent.


Vacancy announcements will be posted on the "Current List of Unfilled Positions" page on the APPIC web site. This page will be updated regularly as new vacancy information is submitted by Training Directors, and is the sole source of vacancy announcements from APPIC. Applicants should check back frequently for updates, which can occur anytime between March 20 and October 31, 2017.

Please note that the list of unfilled positions will include programs that are non-APPIC members, as well as programs that are not accredited. The APPIC membership and accreditation status will be included in each posting. The decision to attend a non-accredited and/or non-APPIC-member program is an important one; please see this FAQ for more information.

If you wish to receive an e-mailed notification whenever this vacancy list is updated, you may sign up for such notifications here. These e-mails will only indicate when the current list of unfilled positions has been updated, and will not contain specific information about the vacancies.

For 2017, we expect that there will be a significant number of unfilled positions from both Phases of the APPIC Match that will be listed in the Post-Match Vacancy Service -- likely more positions than applicants available to fill them. However, it is expected that most of these positions will be at programs that are NOT accredited and/or NOT APPIC members. In addition, each year a limited number of new positions (both accredited and not accredited) become available later in the Spring or Summer, due to new funding, unexpected vacancies, etc.

Last year, in the 2016 Post-Match Vacancy Service, a total of 96 internship sites posted announcements between March and October (each announcement was for one or more available positions). A total of 22 (23%) of these sites were accredited by APA or CPA, while 76 (79%) were APPIC member internship programs.


Since the AAPI Online service will NOT be used to submit applications, special application preparation and submission instructions have been developed for the Post-Match Vacancy Service. These procedures limit the amount of information that you may submit unless the internship program authorizes you to do otherwise. In other words, the procedures described below for preparing and submitting applications do NOT apply if a site provides different instructions in its vacancy announcement.

Your initial application to internship programs should include only a cover letter and a vita. Additional materials (e.g., your AAPI, letters of reference, etc.) may be submitted only if requested by an internship program.

For each site to which you apply, you should create a single document that includes both a cover letter and your vita. Use your name as the document name (e.g., "MarySmith.doc"). The recommended formats are either Microsoft Word (".doc" or ".docx") or Adobe Portable Document Format (".pdf").

The cover letter is important, as it is your opportunity to highlight the important aspects of your experiences and background, and to highlight the fit between you and the internship program. Thus, you should write a cover letter that is tailored to each site to which you apply.

While there is no limit to the length of your cover letter and vita, sites will greatly appreciate your being succinct, and will ask for more information if needed. In other words, don't feel like you need to take all the information from your AAPI and squeeze it into your cover letter and vita!

Be sure to include your contact information somewhere in these materials, particularly phone numbers and e-mail addresses where you can be reached.


The AAPI Online service is NOT used to submit applications; instead, application materials are submitted via e-mail.

As previously mentioned, the application submission procedures described below apply only if a program has not provided instructions about how to submit an application. For example, if a site requests that you submit different application materials than described below, or requests materials be sent via a different method, please follow the site's instructions.

Specific application submission procedures:

  1. You should submit applications via e-mail to the program at the submission address listed in the announcement.

  2. Attach the document containing your cover letter and vita to your e-mail message when submitting it to the program.

  3. In order to assist programs in identifying your application, the subject line of your e-mail should include your name, as follows: "Application: Firstname Lastname" (e.g., "Application: Mary Smith").


As noted previously, some sites will request more extensive application materials from you, beyond the initial vita and cover letter. Thus, you should be prepared to submit the following items when requested to do so:

  • A formatted copy of your AAPI
  • Letters of recommendation (to be sent by you or your letter-writers)
  • DCTs Verification of Eligibility and Readiness (to be sent by you or your DCT)
  • Answers to the four essay questions on the AAPI
  • Transcripts

Detailed instructions for obtaining each of these items are provided below. If a site asks you to send them a copy of your AAPI, they are probably intending for you to send all of the above items (but it is perfectly acceptable to contact the Training Director and ask for clarification of which items to submit).

AAPI (APPIC Application for Psychology Internships)

Applicants should use the AAPI Online service to download a formatted copy of their AAPI onto their computer so that it can be e-mailed to sites upon request. The downloaded file is in ".pdf" format, which means that it is universally readable by commonly-available software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The deadline to download a formatted copy of your AAPI is April 15, 2017, as the AAPI Online applicant portal will close after that date.

Once you have logged into the AAPI Online applicant portal, you will be able to download (a) the "basic" version of the AAPI, which is a .pdf file of your core application that does not include any uploaded documents or DCT verification of eligibility details, and (b) a .pdf copy of each application that you submitted to internship sites (which includes the specific cover letters, vitas, and essays that were sent to each site, but excludes letters of recommendations, transcripts, and the DCT's verification of eligibility and readiness). While the "basic" or "core" version of the AAPI is likely the version that will be easiest to use in the Post-Match Vacancy Service, you are strongly encouraged to download both the core AAPI and your individual applications given that none of these will be retrievable after the portal closes on April 15. APPIC is NOT able to retrieve applications once the portal has closed.

In order to download these versions of your AAPI, first login to the applicant portal using your AAPI Online login ID and password. Then:

  1. To download the basic ("core") version of your AAPI: Click "VIEW BASIC AAPI (PDF)."

  2. To download the detailed applications submitted to each site: Click "Internship Program Designations" located at the bottom of the application checklist. This will bring you to a list of submitted applications, where you will have the option to view or download the applications (in .pdf format) that were submitted to each site.

Please note that it is not required to have a copy of your AAPI in order to apply to programs in the Post-Match Vacancy Service; however, many sites will request it from applicants in whom they are interested. It is up to each individual site to determine whether or not an AAPI is required from an applicant.

If you did not participate in the APPIC Match and thus did not create an application via the AAPI Online service, you may still do so until that service closes for the current application cycle (on April 15th). Creating an application, which you can then download in .pdf format (for submission via e-mail to sites that request it), involves a one-time fee of $51. Please note that creating an AAPI can involve considerable time and effort, and requires your DCT to provide verification of your eligibility for internship. Given the limited number of positions that are likely to be available via the Post-Match Vacancy Service, and given that sites will likely vary in whether or not they require a copy of the AAPI, it may or may not be worth your time and effort to create one at this point.

Letters of Recommendation

You should talk with the individuals who wrote your letters to determine how best to send out copies when requested by an internship site.  Some letter-writers may be willing to give you an electronic copy to send to sites; others may want to send that information themselves (in which case they should understand the importance of sending the materials out quickly).

DCT's Verification of Eligibility and Readiness

Prior to making you an offer, internship programs are required to verify that your doctoral program has determined that you are eligible and ready for internship. Internship programs will generally request written verification of elibility from your DCT, and/or may sometimes wish to speak directly to your DCT.

Your DCT may login to the DCT portal of the AAPI Online service and download a formatted (in ".pdf" format) copy of the verification of eligibility that she/he submitted for you. Once logged in, the DCT initiates the download by clicking on the icon in the "Print" column that is adjacent to your name. You should ensure that your DCT performs this action sooner rather than later, before the AAPI Online closes for this application cycle.

You should talk with your DCT to determine how best to provide copies of this verification when requested to do so by an internship site. Some DCTs may be willing to give you an electronic copy to send to sites; others may want to send the verification to sites themselves (in which case they should understand the importance of sending materials out quickly).


Essays should be submitted to sites separately since they may be tailored to each site.


Applicants should have available scanned copies of their transcripts (e.g., in .pdf format) to send directly to internship sites upon request.